I Wish I Had Spent More Time With My Loved Ones

Let us talk about Amanda:

Amanda is a name I chose to describe the life of thousands of amazing working mothers who share similar experiences.

Experiences bond with the love they feel for their kids fueled with the unstoppable drive that invariably guides them to the most wonderful adventures. It is also important to mention that these women have also complicated emotions that make them feel guilty for working and leaving their kids alone, although it is precisely for them they work.

Join me now in the unveiling life of a soul who has fought many battles and is still standing straight and with her chin up.

Amanda was born between the years of 1975 and 1985. Since she was a little girl, she always had a strong character or the energy of a leader that seamed fearless and enjoyed challenges.

Throughout her adolescence, she experienced some difficulties, and that made her question her worth. She sort of forgot that she was good enough and deserved to be loved. She liked the fact that she was kind of a revel because she did things most girls wouldn’t do and boys weren’t used to seeing in a girl. She could be quite intimidating and that eventually lead to making her feel lonely for a long period of her life although she was never vocal about it.

Although she appeared to be tough, Amanda had a huge heart and a strong desire to become a mother. She was so determined that she decided that if by the age of 30 she wasn’t on a path that would allow her to be pregnant, she would adopt 2 kids and love them as her own. She just wanted to share all the love she had inside with beings that she could take care of and raise.

The day came, and she became a mother; it was the most wonderful experience she could have and or describe. With that new title came many other emotions she wasn’t aware of. Emotions like the ones that emerged with the pressure of being a good mom and not having a clear definition of what a good mom is.

This is an interesting thing that happens to, pretty much, all the first-time mums; they want to be the perfect mother without knowing that that is a myth.

As the imperfect humans that we are, being a perfect mother is impossible, but there are many ways in which mothers can be great mothers.

At the beginning she was trying so hard to fit in, to be good and accepted, but her inner flame, that inner power that always propelled her to be different made her want to shine more.

She started working, and a new adventure began.

She was good, her energy, vitality, determination made her climb up the ladder more and more, but there was something that was missing, she wasn’t feeling fulfilled.

A huge feeling of guilt lived inside of her night and day, day and night. Every time she left her kids at the childcare facilities or after school care she felt like a bad mom abandoning her kids. When she was with her kids, she felt guilty for not working. It was like a never-ending drama or nightmare.

She had always considered herself as a driven working mother who was solution-focused. She also knew that at the same time a problem is born, so was the solution. She just had to find the solution applicable to her particular case.

In the past, she experienced many difficult situations, and that reminded her she was capable of big changes and overcoming fears, many fears.

Some women could stay at home and let their husbands be the main provider, some women only worked some days or maybe part-time and some worked from home. She still wanted to work and earn a good income, preferably a passive income. So, working from home would be the one she would choose.

Amanda enjoyed personal development, she was used to watching videos on YouTube or TED Talks that could teach her as many things as possible to become the best version of herself. Her desire to become a better person, a leader, a successful woman was so great and she wanted to be an example for her kids, so leading with the example was the answer.

So far, the example she believed she was giving was a mom who loved her kids, yet was never there because of all that guilt. Her mind lived in a grey area because when she was at work, in her mind and heart she was thinking about her kids, and when she was with her kids her mind was somewhere else. She had learned in meditations the importance of being present and she needed that in her life.

A change had to be made and because of her admirable way of accepting challenges and her ability to confront fears, she knew the answer was in creating an online business. But how to start?

Right away the first fear that “knocked” on the door was the fear of being judged. One would think after being judged for being so different, this fear would have gone already, but she was about to jump to a different level.

She would probably feel out of her comfort zone shooting videos, making websites, using social platforms as businesses… Lots of fears to overcome, and for what? She had to ask herself that question again.

Freedom was the first thing that came out. The freedom to be with her kids whenever she wanted, to be there when they had special events from school. She also wanted to have more time to travel and show her kids the amazing world they live in and the different cultures that exist during all the school holidays; instead of having only 2 weeks for that a year. Having vacations with grandparents included in the trips and visiting other family members that lived in other countries or cities.

The words of Warren Buffett were “tattooed” in her brain: “If you don´t find a way to earn money while you sleep, you will work until you die.” That and the fact that one of the main regrets dying people have is not spending enough time with their loved ones was all she needed to remind her why she wanted to create an online business.

She would be “on the hunt”. She saw many adds, but they didn’t resonate with her. She wanted to create a business that she loved but she also wanted authentic and spiritual people or people that were into meditating, business and growth. Was that even an option?

She saw an advertise; she felt like a sign in it and took a leap of faith. What amazed her was that practically immediately a huge community that had a great attitude towards life welcomed her. She had read and watched so many videos that said that to be successful it was very important to surround herself with positive people and people focused on success so she felt happy. She also felt grateful because her new mentors guided her step by step throughout a series of modules webinars and workshops that were very helpful.

Some members of the family weren’t approving what she was doing and even some “friends,” were trying to talk her out of it putting fearful ideas in her head like: “You thought you had no time for your kids and now you have less time because you are working in your normal job and then you are also working on that thing that is probably a scam!”.

She opted for not telling people and showing her progress. That took time, she was working more, but it wasn’t magically going to transform her life, she knew she had to keep working and improving. She had met people that had shown results after three months and also others who saw results after two years. It took her eighteen months to realize that she no longer needed her other job.

With a good attitude, she renounced and was very grateful because it was thanks to that job that she could start her online business, and now a new era began where she was no longer dependent on that income. She said goodbye with a smile and left. It surprised the people who tried to talk her out of it, some kept quiet and others became curious and wanted to be part of it too.

She was a lot more in control of her agenda, her life and; her kids would always remember a mom present in their lives.

Today I speak to all the Amandas in the world. You, amazing woman who feel like your heart pumps when you do something great, something challenging and different: Look for the signs that you can see here in this blog and find the freedom to conquer your life, shine and have a stronger connection with the ones you love by creating an online business.

To your success;

Jennifer Trimble

Jennifer Trimble

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Transforming Our Life

Scared? Good, we never grow when we are inside our comfort zone.

Let me ask you 7 questions:

  1. Would you like to find out which ones your Archetypes are and what your personal flow is to resolve problems?
  2. If being around many people stopped feeling overwhelming, how would your life improve?
  3. Do you desire a healthier relationship?
  4. Would you like other people´s problems to stop affecting you?
  5. Would you like to get rid of the negative influence some people have had over you?
  6. Would you like to improve your self-esteem and confidence?
  7. Would you like to feel and see your life´s purpose clearer so it makes sense?

I help empathic and psychic women with that and more.

My mission is to empower women so they can connect with their inner wisdom, feel happier and more fulfilled.

Why do I do this? Because I care. I have been psychic all my life and dealing with that without guidance can feel very confusing, overwhelming and lonely.

Before I loved myself, I used to pity myself. I was diagnosed with epilepsy and I hated it, I felt ashamed and defective.

A narcissist in my life made me believe that I wasn´t good enough for over 6 years. Other people´s problems felt overwhelming to me, I could feel everybody’s emotions at the same time and some of their thought.

Jennifer contemplating Hobbart, Tasmania

As a psychic, I had to protect myself and or set boundaries from all the different things I could feel, see, hear and know about the people who surrounded me, yet I had no idea how to do that

I had no idea who I was and I stopped believing my life had a real meaning. That was many years ago and I would never want to feel like that again.

I began to study as many alternative therapies as I could and merged it with archetypal life coaching and my intuition.

Helping women who felt like that, to feel and remember who they truly are, regain their inner power, feel happier and more fulfilled is my mission. My life has meaning thanks to all of those women whom I have supported in their life journey.

If these words resonate with you, let´s have a chat, we can feel then if I am the one who can be there for you and help you out.

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As always, I send love.



“It´s amazing, Jenny helps clients clear their parents, etc. and find themselves better to follow their life purpose. She provides clients the tools to handle situations with more ease and calmness.” – Sarah Giorgione

“I need this service and learning. I understand elements of my life and self now, that I could not have discovered another way.” Louise w.

“The environment you create. Your ability to nurture your clients. The time you take to answer all of my questions. The way you changed my life and marriage for the better, the lessons you taught me.” – S.G.

“What I liked most about your service was how comfortable you made me from the very first moment and how safe I felt expressing my deepest, darkest thoughts. You are a true healer, with gifted insight and abilities.” – Eleanor

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Life Lessons

Mind Control

We, humans, are very interesting beings. It is curious how no matter how many times we say that we are in favor of freedom or freedom of choice, there tends to be a hidden desire to control others. Sometimes I wonder if this happens because we believe it is easier than controlling and analyzing ourselves.

In this post, I will share with you a very personal story, a story that had a major role in my life. There was an untold truth that might have been the influencer of very negative self-talk that chased me for more than 20 years.

When I was around 15 years old I was going inside my classroom, saw that my classmates were looking at a book with pictures of the time of the inquisition. I got closer, saw a specific picture with the form of a pyramid and then I stopped being in the classroom. Suddenly I could feel the pain, hear the screaming, smell the blood, a horrible scenario and the first time I had a glimpse of a past life.

Just like I jumped into that, I came back and I was in my classroom again. No classmates were to be seen, all the chairs and desks made the form of a circle and I was sitting on a chair in the middle of that circle facing someone who appeared to be a doctor. He informed me that I had had a seizure. That was the introduction I had to epilepsy and I felt ashamed of having that medical condition for years to come.

All teenagers feel lonely, all humans actually have felt that way and still do but only the healers, life coaches, therapist tend to hear about it. In my case epilepsy and the fact that I could see and feel things that others simply didn´t, made me feel very lonely, weird, sad and incredibly angry. The grades I had begun to sink, not all of them because we all have our strengths but many of them.

Mother Of A Teenager
Mother Of A Teenager

My mother told me that I had to repeat the year and that the school would only accept me if I went to see a psychologist. That was the story I believed for almost two decades. Because of this, I felt more ashamed and angry because I knew I was smart yet a “stupid” or “loser” label would be put on me. I felt lost because I had no guidance in the area of being psychic. I also felt that there would always be conditions for others to accept me, just like with the school.

Many years later I was telling my mum that I was a bit nervous because I had to make an exam to get the Australian citizenship and although it seemed fairly easy I still had that fear of failing because I failed in high school. Immediately my mum said that I hadn’t failed and then she spilled the beans…

Turns out that she wanted me to learn about consequences, I was being very cheeky and wasn´t studying when she told me to do so. The school had told her that because they were a very strict school, if I stayed there I would have to repeat the year but if I changed to a different school my grades would be good enough. Me going to the psychologist was my mum´s idea. She wanted me to learn that I had to work hard to achieve something otherwise I would experience the consequences.

I was holding the phone hearing these words in a floaty feeling where many emotions began to form. I knew I had to digest them before I said anything otherwise I would say things that could have hurt her enormously.

I felt anger, resentment, sadness, distrust and at the same time compassion and as if though a weight had been taken off my shoulders. To be honest, I only wanted to hang up the phone to understand what the hell was going on inside of me.

Overwhelmed woman

I became a mother when I was 25 and as time goes by, I have witnessed how I have made mistakes, said the wrong thing, made them feel sad, so many things because as a human I am imperfect. I have studied a lot about the human mind and one of the things that I remember very well and after that episode in my life, even more, is that we can not choose what others will learn or experience. Everyone has their own path and perspective on things; we are free.

We influence people yet we never control their thoughts, emotions or learnings. Victor Frankl confirmed this in his book “Man´s Search For Meaning” where he as a prisoner in a concentration camp in Auschwitz could observe the different behaviors and how they were influenced by time, the terrible conditions, the aggression and more. In the end, however, it was what was inside of them, their spirit, their mind that made the big change in attitude and survival.

My mother wanted to help me because through her eyes I would learn what she wanted but she forgot that I have a mind of my own. Was she selfish? A liar? Injust? I believe she was simply a mother trying to do what she thought would be best for her daughter.

Feeling ashamed of being who I was, feeling rejected, unworthy, doubting my capabilities and at the same time going with a psychologist had a huge influence on me. Thanks to the help of a therapist, although I felt I was just a bunch of ashes, I was able to be born again.

The time that that psychologist gave me, listening with compassion and with a true interest in teaching me about the mind influenced me so much that now my mission is to empower women. I help women so they can find themselves again, love themselves, trust themselves.

Help Offered

We can not control others, but we can control what we do with our life experiences. We can grow and help others, this is why I can accept the choices my mum made and the influence they had on me. I also am a firm believer that we choose our parents before we are born so we can fulfill our mission in this life and that perspective really helped me.

What would happen if you looked at your past with a different perspective? How would you feel? What if your past could empower you or at least that you could look back without feeling pain? You can choose a Healing Session by clicking here so that I can help you or you can find someone else yet it is important to take care of our emotions. I would love to leave you with a quote from Wayne Dyer:

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change”.

What will you do today to change or transform your life?

As always, I send love;


Jennifer Trimble

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Have You Ever Felt Lonely?

Why do people love me? Do they really love me? Am I worthy of being loved? Am I worthy of being listened to?

If I share how I really feel and what is actually happening in my life will they still want to hang out with me? What if I bore them with my stories? I have heard that things like meditation, Reiki and other alternative Healings can help me but what if I ask people or I mention that to someone else and they look at me as if I was a weirdo?

I believe that just like epilepsy is a medical condition, being human is a living condition. With one, you are conditioned to take medication for life and with the other, you are conditioned to have self-talk filled with limiting beliefs that need to be addressed in order to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

If you imagen the brain like a sponge that absorbs through our 6 senses information and that the conscious mind can only understand 10% of all the information, you could then understand why sometimes we overreact without a clue of where those emotions came from.

Let me explain. Imagine that when you were a little one-year-old girl you had a very bad experience with a doctor but you simply forgot (your conscious mind did). With that same story 40 years later you don´t understand why you get so nervous when you have to go to a doctor although your health is generally good and nothing has ever been bad.

What could happen is that someone or yourself starts telling you that you are exaggerating things and that you just want to be the center of attention or that you are being too dramatic… Emotions never lie, it is important to pay attention to them. In this example, something did happen when you were a one-year-old girl, it simply never got resolved, that was all.

More examples are women who are having difficulties in relationships like a pattern where they don´t seem to find a solution and start thinking that there is something wrong with them. In these cases maybe they were simply unconsciously copying their parents’ way of relating to each other or maybe an incident happened in high school and that was where the pattern began.

smiling children holding hands

My intention with all of this is to let you know that this happens to all of us. We as humans have a condition that needs maintenance.

Just like we need food, or sleep we also need to take care of our minds and spirit. Let´s remember that we are amazing light-beings with a special mission while we live in a human-condition-reality.

It is my mission to empower women, to help them find out who they really are, discover their Archetypes. I want women to remember that they can love themselves.

Have you ever felt lonely?

I believe that there is a reason for everything and that if you finished reading this post maybe it is because I could be of service to you, so if that is the case you can click here and book an appointment with me.

Letting Go

Letting go is something we all have to go through.
We have recommended this to others, others have recommended this to us…
Why is it so important? And how can we let go?

There are things that might be presenting themselves in our lives again and again
and again, and if we don´t understand this, the signals will get stronger and louder
until we finally have an aha moment.

Some time ago I heard on an interview with most of the cast members of
“the Secret” something that made perfect sense to me.
One of them was saying that if our hands are full, it is difficult for us to receive
something new, so we have to let go of those things in order to welcome the new.

A teacher of mine also said something very similar, only with different wording,
she said something like this; we have to sacrifice something, or let something die
in order to receive the new.

And then another person said that in order to let go we have to be grateful for
what we have now, and also for all the things that happened to us in the past.

Now, here is where it got interesting for me.
All of us have stories that hurt us, experiences that happened in the past that
“injected” pain in our bodies and/ or minds.
How can we thank the disease or the accident or the rapist or the ex-husband
or parents, etcetera, etcetera for that?

Well, if we analyse it as neutral as possible and as objective as possible,
we would find that we wouldn´t be the same person we are today if we had missed
those experiences.

There are so many cases of people who lived in hunger and thanks to that,
they support organisations that feed the hungry, women that were raped that
thanks to their courage got out of the situation and now help other women
get their own voice, letting them know they are not alone and that they are
good enough, people with diseases that invest a lot in cures.

People who had abusive parents and decide to stop that cycle and be patient
and loving to their kids.
We all can choose to do something meaningful with our life experiences and
inspire those around us.

This time, I invite you to think about the things you can or want to be grateful
for, what you want to let go, and what you want to welcome instead.

I invite you to meditate with your breathing for 10 min; when breathing in
visualize all the new you are letting in, and when you breath out visualize
all the old you are letting go.

As always, I send love.

Money and Mistakes

Money, why is it a taboo or uncomfortable to talk about it?

Sometimes I have the feeling that talking with someone else about money is like talking about a scary movie hahaha.
When we talk about the unknown there tends to be tension in the air.
Money is simply energy and we need it every day. It is as common as washing dishes or going to the toilet. We just have to learn the basic vocabulary and steps to use it correctly.

Have you noticed that in some countries when you use a public toilet, they tend to have signs that let you know the rules for using it?
We learn using the loo at home, at school and other places, it is something so incredibly basic.

Money is something basic too, only that we learn about wealth in other places than school. When we are curious enough and break the taboo about money being evil and we actually study it, it can be a fun and interesting game. We can also share the knowledge with our kids so they start to understand it properly.
“Rich Dad Poor Dad” Book

Robert Kiyosaki the author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad” mentions over and over again that there is a huge fear of making mistakes out there. We all tend to be afraid of making mistakes, still when we make them we learn more.
How did we learn to walk? By falling down over and over again.
Learning how to go to the toilet was a whole process and there is a lot to thank to those who had the patience to clean all the mess we did… Yes, it was pretty disgusting but we managed to move forward and now we are masters at it hahaha.

To make money we also loose money and that is normal too, hopefully there is a small loss but still we find millionaires who although they went bankrupt, they recovered pretty fast after that because they had the right mindset and knew it was just part of the learning or experience of becoming a millionaire. Loosing the fear of debt helps to look past it.

Albert Einstein said: “A person who never made a mistake, never tried anything new”.We lose the fear of the unknown when we learn more about it, have a better vision and take action .
The sound of the word “money” feels different and normal.

I invite you to learn more about money, specifically online businesses.
It is a fact that the digital economy has been a mayor success for the past 20 years. Learning about it helps us take better choices and be more updated about what is going on out there.

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It is for free so you have nothing to loose and a lot to win.
Wealth can be a journey of personal discovery and it can bring your family together too.

As always, I send love;

Enough with the Guilt

We women have a lot of illogical things to feel guilty about and when we become mothers, it transforms into this growing snowball that has to stop for it only hurts us and, in my opinion, it is unfair.


According to Wikipedia, guilt is a cognitive or an emotional experience that occurs when a person believes or realizes – accurately or not – that they have compromised their own standards of conduct or have violated a universal moral standard and bear significant responsibility for that violation.

Guilty mothers:

Mum feeling guilty

When I got pregnant with my first child, I was given a very good book by my mother in law that helped me understand what I was going to be expecting from a baby and what to do with the different types of baby classifications. What I didn´t know at the time was that I was dealing with a mother in law that has all of the characteristics of a narcissist. It all makes sense now but 11 years ago I only felt like nothing I did was ever good enough.

There was never an acknowledgement on her side or anything like that. There where only emotions like confusion, anger, resentment, loneliness and guilt.

So, when a person believes or realizes – accurately or not (this is so important to remember – that they have done something bad in other words, they feel guilty.

Nowadays there are so many unfair blueprints about what a mother is or how they should behave…It is like a sadistic fake fairy-tale like the ones we see in the pictures of the royals, all perfectly dressed and always smiling.

Being a mother is messy, we get tired, they almost never get tired. There are tears (on both sides), screaming, fortunately lots of laughter too, but there is also a lot of pressure from society and ourselves to fulfill those fake ideas of what a mother is or isn´t.

After being under the pressure of a narcissist for 6 years, I grabbed all my strength and pushed really hard so that me and my family could move from Mexico to Australia. We have been here for 5 years and we have never been so happy as a family and I´m truly speaking for all of us.

We literally removed the “pressure” element. In my case it was my inlaw, for you it might be another mother, friends, your own mother… Basically society, and we have to deal with it every day. Remember that we are also part of that society, so we can stop participating in that drama.

Working Mothers:

I began to work here and there it was, women feeling guilty because they were working (instead of being with their kids) and women feeling guilty when they were with their kids (instead of being at work).

I guess I felt enough guilt back in Mexico so once I got here that emotion visits me only from time to time.

The thing with guilt is that we can never reason with it, so as long as we buy into the idea that women should be full time mums but also work and have a career, we will have guilt there.

If we believe that if we missed our kids first laughter, we are bad mums, guilt will be there.

If we believe that by growing in our careers, we will be abandoning our kids, guilt will be there… In this particular case, we actually set a great example for our girls to aim high and our boys to accept that there is balance in the household activities.

Guilt is only in our minds, I treat this emotion in all of my clients, there are even different types of guilt, it´s amazing!



So, what I recommend, are 3 things:

  1. Seek help, we all need therapy it is maintenance for our mind. We humans are very complex beings so our mind needs to be taken care of.
  2. Focus on all the great things that you actually do as a mother and write them down at the end of the day.
  3. Choose a flexible job so you can spend more time with your kids and if that is out of the option, use the time you have wisely and search for other options that are proven to help get a better income without using too much of your time. Click here to watch a business-lifestyle-workshop that if you allow it , it will blow your mind and introduce you to a life changing reality.


So, how do you personally manage guilt?

As always, I send love;


Successful Mothers Spending More Time With Their Kids

Being a woman:

Being a woman is tough and if you are one, you know many reasons why.

Being a mother is a roller-coaster of emotions, one day you feel like an amazing mum, the other you feel like the worst mother and in the end, we end up hoping that our kids grow happy and strong enough to face the world out there…

Now, the world out there and also many of our thoughts tend to have rules about what a good mother is and how women should behave or do.

When a woman is a full-time mum, other people might think that they don´t know what working means, which is very offensive for those women who are doing their very best to make sense of their lives…

When mothers work, they feel guilty because they are not with their kids and when they are, they feel guilty because they are not working. Not to mention the deadlines and never-ending meetings…

I don´t know about you, but all of this sounds very much like a nightmare to me, as if though we were being pulled apart in all directions.

“I think every working mom probably feels the same thing: You go through big chunks of time where you´re just thinking, ‘this is impossible – oh, this is impossible. ‘And then you just keep going and keep going, and you sort of do the impossible.” – Tina Fey

Taking care of our mind:

As a life coach, I recommend everybody to take pay attention to our emotions. Just like we go and brush our teeth after our meals, take the car to service, see a doctor for illnesses, we should go to a therapist when our emotions are making us feel overwhelmed (I call it mind-maintenance).

Studies in Harvard showed a technique that makes us feel less stress reactive and with more energy, which is simply standing up in a power pose (like wonder woman or superman) for two minutes that can help us too.

Meditating is a habit successful people have too, it helps clearing the mind, in YouTube we can find hundreds of guided meditations, so which one is the best? I recommend Vipassana meditation (or mindfulness meditation) and Thetahealing meditations.

Surrounding ourselves with people who make us stronger and better:

People who gossip about others, will gossip about us. People who love to empower others can help us grow with them. It is important to chose well the people that are around us because they will have an impact on us (positive or negative).

“I think it´s important to get your surroundings as well as yourself into a positive state – meaning surround yourself with positive people, not the kind who are negative and jealous of everything you do.” – Heidi Klum

Choosing a career:

Successful mum working

What I have felt, heard and seen over and over again, is that people come out of college, universities or from whatever their background is and start working in something they feel exited about. Time goes by and as they lose their freedom, they also lose the passion they once had. Not long ago I heard someone mentioning that on Sunday’s evening she was grumpy because she knew she had to go to work on Monday! That is why I recommend women, specially mothers to look into being an online entrepreneur. That is what I found to find more time in my life and that allowed me to start a business that can not only allow me to have that time, but it allowed me to contribute in so many ways as a mother, a wife, as a professional and guess what? I didn´t have to have any products or much experience in digital businesses, click here to see the 4 Day on demand workshop series that started my education and can start yours as well.

Enjoy being a successful mother that can also spend the time she wants with their kids and as always, I send love;

Jennifer Trimble

How to balance “Great Mum” and “Successful Entrepreneur”?

Although we live in a time where the mindset around what a woman is or can do is more open minded, the influence from all the years when women had to stay at home and take care of her kids is still in the air in most of the countries. Working mums feel guilty of leaving their kids in after school care,  missing out on different events their kids are part of and many other things.

A Great Mum:


When I firs became a mum, I was so nervous, I wanted to be the “perfect” mother. I was a full-time mum that did everything possible to be that…

The problem with that was that your self esteem gets beaten up all the time by other mothers, society and ourselves. That “perfect mum” label is the most horrible goal we can give to a parent because it is unreachable. As unperfect beings, we make mistakes all the time, so achieving a goal that is a myth is impossible, therefore feelings of frustration invade our minds constantly.

“Working moms commonly testify that they feel guilty when they are away from their children and guilty when they are not at their jobs. Devoted fathers certainly miss their children deeply, but it does not seem to be with the same gnawing primal anxiety that often afflicts women.”Camille Paglia (American academic and social critic).

Kid´s point of view:

Kids smiling

As mothers, we tend to pay so much attention to what society thinks a mum should be or do, that we forget that how our kids feel/ see us is the most important thing. What I mean by this is that as kids, all of us believed that what happened in our house was what “normal” was and got used to that. We can witness in people when they make different choices in their life, how they have a big influence of what they learned at home; it was installed in our subconscious minds while we were growing up.

Kids love their parents, no matter what. Those lovely and innocent little humans want to be loved by us because they, no matter how we behave, accept us more than we accept each other. Here is a wonderful  TED talk of a woman who was called a “motherless child”, that shows us how kids love their mothers and still as grownups have a special connection to them.

The Influence a Working Mother has on her Kids:


It is common to hear that working mothers make kids feel abandoned, unloved… But if we open up our minds, quality is more important than quantity. Of course, if we have them both, we mothers can have an amazing sensation of fulfilment, which is why I recommend mothers to join my Tribe and create their own successful online business. But that is not the subject today.

  • When a woman works, she gives her kids the example of how we can all (men and women) pursue our dream career and succeed.


  • We can divide the household tasks with our partners (in case we are married or live with a partner) and by that simple act, the believe that women belong in the kitchen and are completely in charge of the laundry; stops (unless the activities are not divided).


  • It shows our kids how we as women can also be strong leaders, just look how many successful women are out there who have many followers; Michelle Obama, Angelina Jolie, Amal Clooney (human rights attorney) Angela Merkel (Chancellor of Germany) and the list goes on and on.

Here is a list of not that famous but still very successful women who can inspire you too.

We women are amazing and we can embrace that by being conscious of what a wonderful example we can give our kids and ourselves.

“Define success on your own terms, achieve it by your own rules, and build a life you´re proud to live.” Anne Sweeney (President of Walt Disney)

Habits Successful Mothers have:

Successful mum working

I believe that from all the habits we can find, the most important ones are 3:

1 – Having a split shift; which is working in the morning, stopping when kids come back from school and working again when they go to bed.

2 – Looking at our schedule and paying attention to the hours we need to work before determining weather we do other things that could distract us from our goals.

3 – Exercise; this is something that most of the successful people do. There are groups of mums who exercise with their kids that we can join and when our kids are old enough to go to school, we can go to the gym, ride our bikes, run…


In the end, I believe that we are all free to choose our paths, that nothing is written in stone and that if we believe in a successful and balanced life, we can achieve it. We define our own rules and by following them while being flexible too, we can accomplish wonderful things.

Now, it is important to note, that in this time, the online business world has brought success to millions of people all around the globe. I found that without the need of having any product or being all techy, we can succeed and have a piece of the cake of wealth that the laptop business brings. We women are amazing and can have massive success online too, here is a link that will connect you to my mentors in digital marketing, I hope you can feel and see the value of it.

Let´s support each other, and be proud of all women, single, married, divorced, working mothers; we are all beautiful, amazing and successful.

8 Reasons why Mothers are very Productive

When we are mothers we understand the inmense variety of “adventures” that will show up every day. We really know that a positive attitude will get us throughout the days in a more productive and positive way. Here are some reasons why working mums are very productive.

1. They are exeptionally good at multitaskinig


Multi tasking may be distracting for a lot of people because it is changing the focus from one thing to another but with practice, we can all get better. Working moms do that all the time at home and they can transfer it  to when they are at work too. They can be moving from one office to another or doing physical tasks while using their mind for very different things, like feedbacks, practicing presentations… The mental processes are incredibly efficient. They do this at home while planing their kids birthday party, while they are cooking, doing the laundry or decorating the house for Christmas.

2. They are great at time management


There are so many things mums have to do, that they simply can´t afford to waste their time. Because of that it is important to find flexible jobs too.

“For working mothers such as myself, balancing work and life is a constant challenge. The key to balancing time effectively is setting boundaries and priorities ahead of time both at home and at work. Planning for priorities a month or week in advance can help to replace a stressful juggling act with a manageable schedule.” – Mary Delayne

3. They are more empathetic


Being a mother brings out a lot of empathy and nurturing needed in human relationships and that is incredibly useful at work. In order to listen to your coworkers and understand them deeply to comunicate better so that the team work is more efficient, being empathetic is important. You can find 5 practical benefits of being an empath here.  Mothers need to develop those qualities to take better care of their kids and understand them as much as possible.

4. They value the break away from their kids


For some, working might feel like a must that can sometimes be tiring but for a mother, growing in her carrier is linked to having some “me-time”. A moment when nobody is going to depend on them paying individual attention to them. It is a challenge and at the same time many working moms thrive on it. Because this change of scenario, it can help them give their all to their job.

5. They are more motivated at work

Motivated mothers working.

Working moms although are also very motivated to get things done because that also means they can go home and spend invaluable time with their kids. This means they are even more productive.

6. They are more efficient at home and at work


Every activity we have has an influence on us. Working moms use the creative influence from their kids at work and use the systematise influence they receive from their working experience to make the household run more smoothly. It is a win win for all really.

7. They never have hangovers


Because of the love we have for our kids, getting drunk or is or at least should be out of the question. Younger, single staff may actually have more sick leave due to late nights and hangovers. With a clear mind an a body that feels strong and healthy we can simply work better and be more productive.

8. They make better team players

Women being excellent teamplayers

Microsoft research found out after interviewing 2,000 women and 500 employers that working moms made better team players. It was shown that 57% belived the mothers were definitely better than single or childless women.


With the tools and technollogies that exist now, we mothers can rely on systems and succeed in the digital economy too creating online businesses that we love. We can be more efficient and productive. Here is a link that shares a LOT more information around online businesses.

  • What other things do you believe make mothers so productive?
  • How do you as a mother manage to stay on top of things?
  • And very important: How do you celebrate your achievements?