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Find True Purpose, True Fulfilment


Remove Resistance To Your Success


Discover What Truly Motivates You


Become The Best Version Of Yourself

The Biggest Problems My Offers Solve:

  • Unable to make changes that last
  • I procrastinate all the time
  • I have no clean plan or system to follow
  • I always talk negatively to myself
  • I feel like a failure, and a fake
  • I do not know what I am passionate about or what I want to do with my life
  • I have no clear direction
  • I feel overwhelmed
  • My emotions have control over me, and my experiences
  • I find it difficult to clear my mind to solve the problems in my life
  • I am always stressed out
  • I can't sit still and silence my mind
  • I have a lot of negative beliefs about myself
  • I am always feeling unworthy and undeserving of success
  • I have no idea what the future holds for me or where I will be in 12 months.
  • My relationships never work out
  • There is no passion in my life
  • I am not living up to my full potential
  • I am totally lost in my life
  • I am unable to commit to anything
  • I have no motivation to continue
  • I feel frustrated about my life
  • I take forever to change things
  • I don't follow through with the promises I make to myself.



The Emotional Benefits of My Offer: 

  • Total contentment with your life
  • Confidence in your own abilities through certainty
  • Courage in your communication and decision making
  • Feeling of success for achieving your goals
  • Empowerment to lead your own life and do whatever your heart desires
  • Peace in your heart and mind
  • A complete sense of knowing why you are here and where you are going
  • Profound happiness that comes from a life on purpose
  • Relief in the knowledge that everything is so easy to change
  • Inspiration to move forward and create your dreams
  • Deep love for yourself and the relationships you are in
  • Enthusiasm to take action in your world and move forward
  • An inner calm you can take into any situation
  • Trust your inner guidance and intuition
  • Remove all anxiety and replace it with true excitement
  • Feeling of fulfillment
  • Satisfaction from creating permanent change
  • Total clarity

What My Clients Say About Me

"Jennifer is a very loving, creative, intuitive person who understands what others feel and need to take them to the next level. She helped me achieve most of my goals and I'm on my way to achieving others." - A.V.

"Jennifer Trimble, you've changed my life and the way I view and approach life now. You are my telepathic angel; you are amazing and very knowable." - Irma Pantano

"It's amazing, Jenny helps clients clear their parents, etc. and find themselves better to follow their life's purpose. She provides clients the tools to handle situations with more ease and calmness." - Sarah Giorgione


Discover The 4 Steps To Change Your Thoughts, And Change Your Life.

What Is Coaching?

Coaching is often seen as something that the coach does to the client. It’s also seen as a process. However, in addition to coaching being an act, and a process, it really is a relationship.

The coaching relationship is one where the coach and client work together, to enable the client to achieve positive change, in any area of their life.


The 7 Key Aspects of Coaching Relationships

Every coach will have their own style of coaching, using their own techniques and processes. However, all coaching will generally share these 7 key aspects.

  1. Facilitating – The coach will help bring about the client’s change, but the client does the work and takes the action.
  2. Not wholly directive – While some coaches may take a more directive approach than others, he or she isn’t totally directive. The coach facilitates the client’s thinking, to help the client identify their own solutions and actions.
  3. The client comes to know themselves – This occurs from exploring values, needs, desires, emotional or mental blockages, skills, and thought processes.
  4. Goal setting - All coaching relationships will involve setting goals for the client and evaluating progress towards reaching those goals.
  5. Action – The coach helps the client to commit to taking action towards creating the change they seek.
  6. Positive change – Coaching assists the client to achieve real, lasting change. However, the coach also benefits from the relationship by sharing in the client’s growth and development.
  7. Supportive - The coach supports the client in developing their own strengths and achieving positive change, without judging or creating unhealthy dependencies.


How is Coaching different from Mentoring?

Coaching and Mentoring are similar.

Mentoring involves a relationship where the mentor has achieved the success that the mentee is seeking. The mentor passes on knowledge, skills, and experience and opens doors of opportunity for the mentee.

However, in a coaching relationship, it isn’t necessary for the coach to have achieved what the client is seeking to achieve. It’s more important that the coach understands the client’s mind, in order to facilitate the client’s thinking towards achieving their own success.


Discover The 4 Steps To Change Your Thoughts, And Change Your Life.

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About Jennifer Trimble


For those of you who have not met me before, my name is Jennifer Trimble, and something you may not know about me is that around 24 years ago, I found myself having a seizure in front of my classmates. I was diagnosed with epilepsy after that.

14 years ago, I was in the last trimester of my first pregnancy, and due to one seizure, I got a third-degree burn. That lowered my confidence and self-esteem and messed with the belief that I could take proper care of my baby.

In 2016, I became a life coach and my life got filled up with light again. I helped other people grow, transform, feel joy and gain control over their lives.

During that time, I discovered a major problem in the world, where most people have stress, anxiety, have no clarity regarding what they want to do in their life, have minimal self-worth, and their relationships tend to be bad.

And that is exactly why I decided to dedicate my life to help people find peace, joy, clarity, meaning, and fulfillment in their lives.
I help them achieve their goals, find out who they truly are, and develop their full potential.