8 Reasons why Mothers are very Productive

When we are mothers we understand the inmense variety of “adventures” that will show up every day. We really know that a positive attitude will get us throughout the days in a more productive and positive way. Here are some reasons why working mums are very productive.

1. They are exeptionally good at multitaskinig


Multi tasking may be distracting for a lot of people because it is changing the focus from one thing to another but with practice, we can all get better. Working moms do that all the time at home and they can transfer it  to when they are at work too. They can be moving from one office to another or doing physical tasks while using their mind for very different things, like feedbacks, practicing presentations… The mental processes are incredibly efficient. They do this at home while planing their kids birthday party, while they are cooking, doing the laundry or decorating the house for Christmas.

2. They are great at time management


There are so many things mums have to do, that they simply can´t afford to waste their time. Because of that it is important to find flexible jobs too.

“For working mothers such as myself, balancing work and life is a constant challenge. The key to balancing time effectively is setting boundaries and priorities ahead of time both at home and at work. Planning for priorities a month or week in advance can help to replace a stressful juggling act with a manageable schedule.” – Mary Delayne

3. They are more empathetic


Being a mother brings out a lot of empathy and nurturing needed in human relationships and that is incredibly useful at work. In order to listen to your coworkers and understand them deeply to comunicate better so that the team work is more efficient, being empathetic is important. You can find 5 practical benefits of being an empath here.  Mothers need to develop those qualities to take better care of their kids and understand them as much as possible.

4. They value the break away from their kids


For some, working might feel like a must that can sometimes be tiring but for a mother, growing in her carrier is linked to having some “me-time”. A moment when nobody is going to depend on them paying individual attention to them. It is a challenge and at the same time many working moms thrive on it. Because this change of scenario, it can help them give their all to their job.

5. They are more motivated at work

Motivated mothers working.

Working moms although are also very motivated to get things done because that also means they can go home and spend invaluable time with their kids. This means they are even more productive.

6. They are more efficient at home and at work


Every activity we have has an influence on us. Working moms use the creative influence from their kids at work and use the systematise influence they receive from their working experience to make the household run more smoothly. It is a win win for all really.

7. They never have hangovers


Because of the love we have for our kids, getting drunk or is or at least should be out of the question. Younger, single staff may actually have more sick leave due to late nights and hangovers. With a clear mind an a body that feels strong and healthy we can simply work better and be more productive.

8. They make better team players

Women being excellent teamplayers

Microsoft research found out after interviewing 2,000 women and 500 employers that working moms made better team players. It was shown that 57% belived the mothers were definitely better than single or childless women.


With the tools and technollogies that exist now, we mothers can rely on systems and succeed in the digital economy too creating online businesses that we love. We can be more efficient and productive. Here is a link that shares a LOT more information around online businesses.

  • What other things do you believe make mothers so productive?
  • How do you as a mother manage to stay on top of things?
  • And very important: How do you celebrate your achievements?

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