Money and Mistakes

Money, why is it a taboo or uncomfortable to talk about it?

Sometimes I have the feeling that talking with someone else about money is like talking about a scary movie hahaha.
When we talk about the unknown there tends to be tension in the air.
Money is simply energy and we need it every day. It is as common as washing dishes or going to the toilet. We just have to learn the basic vocabulary and steps to use it correctly.

Have you noticed that in some countries when you use a public toilet, they tend to have signs that let you know the rules for using it?
We learn using the loo at home, at school and other places, it is something so incredibly basic.

Money is something basic too, only that we learn about wealth in other places than school. When we are curious enough and break the taboo about money being evil and we actually study it, it can be a fun and interesting game. We can also share the knowledge with our kids so they start to understand it properly.
“Rich Dad Poor Dad” Book

Robert Kiyosaki the author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad” mentions over and over again that there is a huge fear of making mistakes out there. We all tend to be afraid of making mistakes, still when we make them we learn more.
How did we learn to walk? By falling down over and over again.
Learning how to go to the toilet was a whole process and there is a lot to thank to those who had the patience to clean all the mess we did… Yes, it was pretty disgusting but we managed to move forward and now we are masters at it hahaha.

To make money we also loose money and that is normal too, hopefully there is a small loss but still we find millionaires who although they went bankrupt, they recovered pretty fast after that because they had the right mindset and knew it was just part of the learning or experience of becoming a millionaire. Loosing the fear of debt helps to look past it.

Albert Einstein said: “A person who never made a mistake, never tried anything new”.We lose the fear of the unknown when we learn more about it, have a better vision and take action .
The sound of the word “money” feels different and normal.

I invite you to learn more about money, specifically online businesses.
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As always, I send love;

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      You are right, learning about money and personal growth together is super interesting.
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      Thank you for commenting on my post “Money and Mistakes”.
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