Letting Go

Letting go is something we all have to go through.
We have recommended this to others, others have recommended this to us…
Why is it so important? And how can we let go?

There are things that might be presenting themselves in our lives again and again
and again, and if we don´t understand this, the signals will get stronger and louder
until we finally have an aha moment.

Some time ago I heard on an interview with most of the cast members of
“the Secret” something that made perfect sense to me.
One of them was saying that if our hands are full, it is difficult for us to receive
something new, so we have to let go of those things in order to welcome the new.

A teacher of mine also said something very similar, only with different wording,
she said something like this; we have to sacrifice something, or let something die
in order to receive the new.

And then another person said that in order to let go we have to be grateful for
what we have now, and also for all the things that happened to us in the past.

Now, here is where it got interesting for me.
All of us have stories that hurt us, experiences that happened in the past that
“injected” pain in our bodies and/ or minds.
How can we thank the disease or the accident or the rapist or the ex-husband
or parents, etcetera, etcetera for that?

Well, if we analyse it as neutral as possible and as objective as possible,
we would find that we wouldn´t be the same person we are today if we had missed
those experiences.

There are so many cases of people who lived in hunger and thanks to that,
they support organisations that feed the hungry, women that were raped that
thanks to their courage got out of the situation and now help other women
get their own voice, letting them know they are not alone and that they are
good enough, people with diseases that invest a lot in cures.

People who had abusive parents and decide to stop that cycle and be patient
and loving to their kids.
We all can choose to do something meaningful with our life experiences and
inspire those around us.

This time, I invite you to think about the things you can or want to be grateful
for, what you want to let go, and what you want to welcome instead.

I invite you to meditate with your breathing for 10 min; when breathing in
visualize all the new you are letting in, and when you breath out visualize
all the old you are letting go.

As always, I send love.

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