Transforming Our Life

Scared? Good, we never grow when we are inside our comfort zone.

Let me ask you 7 questions:

  1. Would you like to find out which ones your Archetypes are and what your personal flow is to resolve problems?
  2. If being around many people stopped feeling overwhelming, how would your life improve?
  3. Do you desire a healthier relationship?
  4. Would you like other people´s problems to stop affecting you?
  5. Would you like to get rid of the negative influence some people have had over you?
  6. Would you like to improve your self-esteem and confidence?
  7. Would you like to feel and see your life´s purpose clearer so it makes sense?

I help empathic and psychic women with that and more.

My mission is to empower women so they can connect with their inner wisdom, feel happier and more fulfilled.

Why do I do this? Because I care. I have been psychic all my life and dealing with that without guidance can feel very confusing, overwhelming and lonely.

Before I loved myself, I used to pity myself. I was diagnosed with epilepsy and I hated it, I felt ashamed and defective.

A narcissist in my life made me believe that I wasn´t good enough for over 6 years. Other people´s problems felt overwhelming to me, I could feel everybody’s emotions at the same time and some of their thought.

Jennifer contemplating Hobbart, Tasmania

As a psychic, I had to protect myself and or set boundaries from all the different things I could feel, see, hear and know about the people who surrounded me, yet I had no idea how to do that

I had no idea who I was and I stopped believing my life had a real meaning. That was many years ago and I would never want to feel like that again.

I began to study as many alternative therapies as I could and merged it with archetypal life coaching and my intuition.

Helping women who felt like that, to feel and remember who they truly are, regain their inner power, feel happier and more fulfilled is my mission. My life has meaning thanks to all of those women whom I have supported in their life journey.

If these words resonate with you, let´s have a chat, we can feel then if I am the one who can be there for you and help you out.

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As always, I send love.



“It´s amazing, Jenny helps clients clear their parents, etc. and find themselves better to follow their life purpose. She provides clients the tools to handle situations with more ease and calmness.” – Sarah Giorgione

“I need this service and learning. I understand elements of my life and self now, that I could not have discovered another way.” Louise w.

“The environment you create. Your ability to nurture your clients. The time you take to answer all of my questions. The way you changed my life and marriage for the better, the lessons you taught me.” – S.G.

“What I liked most about your service was how comfortable you made me from the very first moment and how safe I felt expressing my deepest, darkest thoughts. You are a true healer, with gifted insight and abilities.” – Eleanor

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