I Wish I Had Spent More Time With My Loved Ones

Let us talk about Amanda:

Amanda is a name I chose to describe the life of thousands of amazing working mothers who share similar experiences.

Experiences bond with the love they feel for their kids fueled with the unstoppable drive that invariably guides them to the most wonderful adventures. It is also important to mention that these women have also complicated emotions that make them feel guilty for working and leaving their kids alone, although it is precisely for them they work.

Join me now in the unveiling life of a soul who has fought many battles and is still standing straight and with her chin up.

Amanda was born between the years of 1975 and 1985. Since she was a little girl, she always had a strong character or the energy of a leader that seamed fearless and enjoyed challenges.

Throughout her adolescence, she experienced some difficulties, and that made her question her worth. She sort of forgot that she was good enough and deserved to be loved. She liked the fact that she was kind of a revel because she did things most girls wouldn’t do and boys weren’t used to seeing in a girl. She could be quite intimidating and that eventually lead to making her feel lonely for a long period of her life although she was never vocal about it.

Although she appeared to be tough, Amanda had a huge heart and a strong desire to become a mother. She was so determined that she decided that if by the age of 30 she wasn’t on a path that would allow her to be pregnant, she would adopt 2 kids and love them as her own. She just wanted to share all the love she had inside with beings that she could take care of and raise.

The day came, and she became a mother; it was the most wonderful experience she could have and or describe. With that new title came many other emotions she wasn’t aware of. Emotions like the ones that emerged with the pressure of being a good mom and not having a clear definition of what a good mom is.

This is an interesting thing that happens to, pretty much, all the first-time mums; they want to be the perfect mother without knowing that that is a myth.

As the imperfect humans that we are, being a perfect mother is impossible, but there are many ways in which mothers can be great mothers.

At the beginning she was trying so hard to fit in, to be good and accepted, but her inner flame, that inner power that always propelled her to be different made her want to shine more.

She started working, and a new adventure began.

She was good, her energy, vitality, determination made her climb up the ladder more and more, but there was something that was missing, she wasn’t feeling fulfilled.

A huge feeling of guilt lived inside of her night and day, day and night. Every time she left her kids at the childcare facilities or after school care she felt like a bad mom abandoning her kids. When she was with her kids, she felt guilty for not working. It was like a never-ending drama or nightmare.

She had always considered herself as a driven working mother who was solution-focused. She also knew that at the same time a problem is born, so was the solution. She just had to find the solution applicable to her particular case.

In the past, she experienced many difficult situations, and that reminded her she was capable of big changes and overcoming fears, many fears.

Some women could stay at home and let their husbands be the main provider, some women only worked some days or maybe part-time and some worked from home. She still wanted to work and earn a good income, preferably a passive income. So, working from home would be the one she would choose.

Amanda enjoyed personal development, she was used to watching videos on YouTube or TED Talks that could teach her as many things as possible to become the best version of herself. Her desire to become a better person, a leader, a successful woman was so great and she wanted to be an example for her kids, so leading with the example was the answer.

So far, the example she believed she was giving was a mom who loved her kids, yet was never there because of all that guilt. Her mind lived in a grey area because when she was at work, in her mind and heart she was thinking about her kids, and when she was with her kids her mind was somewhere else. She had learned in meditations the importance of being present and she needed that in her life.

A change had to be made and because of her admirable way of accepting challenges and her ability to confront fears, she knew the answer was in creating an online business. But how to start?

Right away the first fear that “knocked” on the door was the fear of being judged. One would think after being judged for being so different, this fear would have gone already, but she was about to jump to a different level.

She would probably feel out of her comfort zone shooting videos, making websites, using social platforms as businesses… Lots of fears to overcome, and for what? She had to ask herself that question again.

Freedom was the first thing that came out. The freedom to be with her kids whenever she wanted, to be there when they had special events from school. She also wanted to have more time to travel and show her kids the amazing world they live in and the different cultures that exist during all the school holidays; instead of having only 2 weeks for that a year. Having vacations with grandparents included in the trips and visiting other family members that lived in other countries or cities.

The words of Warren Buffett were “tattooed” in her brain: “If you don´t find a way to earn money while you sleep, you will work until you die.” That and the fact that one of the main regrets dying people have is not spending enough time with their loved ones was all she needed to remind her why she wanted to create an online business.

She would be “on the hunt”. She saw many adds, but they didn’t resonate with her. She wanted to create a business that she loved but she also wanted authentic and spiritual people or people that were into meditating, business and growth. Was that even an option?

She saw an advertise; she felt like a sign in it and took a leap of faith. What amazed her was that practically immediately a huge community that had a great attitude towards life welcomed her. She had read and watched so many videos that said that to be successful it was very important to surround herself with positive people and people focused on success so she felt happy. She also felt grateful because her new mentors guided her step by step throughout a series of modules webinars and workshops that were very helpful.

Some members of the family weren’t approving what she was doing and even some “friends,” were trying to talk her out of it putting fearful ideas in her head like: “You thought you had no time for your kids and now you have less time because you are working in your normal job and then you are also working on that thing that is probably a scam!”.

She opted for not telling people and showing her progress. That took time, she was working more, but it wasn’t magically going to transform her life, she knew she had to keep working and improving. She had met people that had shown results after three months and also others who saw results after two years. It took her eighteen months to realize that she no longer needed her other job.

With a good attitude, she renounced and was very grateful because it was thanks to that job that she could start her online business, and now a new era began where she was no longer dependent on that income. She said goodbye with a smile and left. It surprised the people who tried to talk her out of it, some kept quiet and others became curious and wanted to be part of it too.

She was a lot more in control of her agenda, her life and; her kids would always remember a mom present in their lives.

Today I speak to all the Amandas in the world. You, amazing woman who feel like your heart pumps when you do something great, something challenging and different: Look for the signs that you can see here in this blog and find the freedom to conquer your life, shine and have a stronger connection with the ones you love by creating an online business.

To your success;

Jennifer Trimble

Jennifer Trimble

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