Meet Jennifer Trimble

In case you haven't met her before….

Jenny is a Certified Results Coach and Founder of Jennifer Trimble.

Having studied and worked in the field of personal transformation for the last 16 years, Jenny specialises in helping people, master their mindset, maximise their potential and manifest their dream life.

Jennifer has helped people from all walks of life from parents, managers and small business owners, to realise their ultimate version of success and happiness.

With her unique ability of identifying the root cause of people's problems and realigning their head, heart and hand to achieve tangible results, Jennifer is an in-demand coach.

Jenny is truly passion about people and helping them empower themselves to create the life they deserve.

Hooi Hooi Lim

Hooi Hooi Lim

“I’m able to carry out my desired result.

Jennifer helped me align my values with what I want to achieve and I had action steps at the end of every session.

Jennifer is very experienced, kind, and sincere. If I could describe her in one word, it would be awesome."

S. Africa

S. Africa

“I am confident now what path my intuition wants me to follow.
I have taken big steps towards starting a laughter yoga class that I had been thinking of doing for years.
I've felt relief knowing that I am in the right relationship.
I recommend this program to people wishing to achieve their goals.”

Kate Stein

Kate Stein

“I felt like my mind was stuck. I needed to focus on an important project, but I was so angry about an event that happened in the past with an employee that I could not move forward.

After one breakthrough session with Jenny, that drama was squashed completely.

I felt grateful for the event because of all the learnings it gave me, and now I know that the past doesn't define me; I choose who I want to be.”