I believe that humanity needs more women that inspire us and in order to speak to the world, the best way to do so is through the online world.

Why is a Spiritual Life Coach and Healer promoting a digital education?  It can be the lifeline, the stepping stone to a whole new lifestyle for you, like it was for me. 

Emotional stress is linked to many ailments.

Around 70%-80% of the visits to the G.P. are related to stress and most of the stress is financial stress.

I thought that if empowering women was my mission, if I wanted women to feel happier and more fulfilled, I had to be able to point them in the right direction in regards financial freedom too.

The Internet is where business takes place, where people socialize, where we gather information! It is the most effective way to reach markets, promote interests, be in touch, reduce management time and the expenses that would normally be required in a brick and mortar business. Plus, it doesn’t require a degree! 

 I also realized that if I didn’t get on board, I would miss out on an incredible opportunity to be a part of the most lucrative and powerful economic driver globally.  And why wouldn’t I want to get on board?  

So, I took the plunge and educated myself to the world of online marketing.  The result? It’s revolutionized every part of my life.  

I found the community that I was looking for, a tribe with my same values of personal and spiritual growth that also supported that we all became successful entrepreneurs.

I found a lot more quality time with my kids and the people I love.

I have family in many different countries and I have the freedom to visit them whenever I want, my health is something very important to me so I have the time to take proper care of myself by exercising, meditating, eating healthy organic food and so much more.

I can work on the beach or anywhere as long as I have my lap top or an iPhone…    

Who am I?  Someone with a lifetime of successes, and failures, who found herself in what was supposed to be my ideal career and life.  

Yet, something was missing because I wanted to help more than one woman at a time.

Now, women all around the world can feel empowered, supported and inspired because of the global audience that we can have through online marketing.

Little Jenny
Little Jenny

When I was around 6 years, before I could understand religion or spirituality, I heard a story about someone named Jesus who just by touching people he could heal them, and I thought to myself: “wow, I want to do that too” I thought that if someone could do that then maybe I could too.

Years later, when I was 15 and had forgotten about that, I began to feel like a magnetic field around my hands and I knew what that was and I knew I could use it, and I used it with animals, with people, in hugs.

I knew that there was a purpose for that. Now I do have to admit that I was very cheeky in high school, so the school told my parents that if they wanted me to be in that school, I had to go with a psychologist.

That was a wonderful gift, I felt and met someone for the first time who not only was there to listen and provide a safe place for people to feel better but how beautiful it is when you know that someone is there for you.

I later understood that most of the diseases are linked to emotional imbalances or emotional stress, so I decided to help people heal through complementary therapies and life coaching that could heal their negative emotions.

Jennifer Trimble

My passion is to empower women, to help them discover their true self, their true potential. I love how they shine and grow when they remember how amazing they really are.

Without financial worries their minds can focus on things that matter most to them so they can feel lighter.

Just before dying Leonardo da Vinci said “I have offended God and mankind because my work did not reach the quality it should have.”

 I always admired Leonardo Da Vinci and when I found out about his last words it made me sad. Sad because that reminded me that a lot of people out there are doing the same, living without using their full potential, living without meaning or fulfillment.

What are you willing to do to feel free and shine like only you can possibly shine?

How would you like to feel about your life when you are on your deathbed?

What is the Legacy you want to give the world?

As always, I send love;