Why is it important that you know about me when I will be supporting you for your growth and transformation?
Well, I believe that understanding is power, and if you understand the origin of the therapist, you understand why you are choosing me.

I will be as brief as possible so that you do not read a whole biography but a simple description of why I can help you.

Since I was a little girl I had great intuition and at 15 after starting to feel a magnetic feel around my hands I realized it was meant for healing.
As a curious teenager, I began to experiment with everything and everyone because I had no guidance. So if someone had a headache or somehow felt bad, or a dog was recovering from a fight with another dog, or I cooked something and wanted it to be healing, I used my hands and I did notice that I could help.

I do have to say that thanks to my cheeky behavior at school, my mom wanted me to see an amazing psychologist who became my first teacher about the human mind. I brought her paintings, drawings and had lots of questions for her.

Eventually, the day came when she told my mother that I knew exactly what I wanted in my life and that I was the only client she had that came to a session and began to analyze her, so it was time to move on.

That memory always makes me smile...

Anyways, I promised I was going to make this as short as possible, so I began to study any alternative therapy that presented itself in front of me.
I moved to Australia with my kids and husband and continued learning and practicing.

I also fell in love with life coaching and hypnotherapy because it allowed me to merge all of my other knowledge to serve women in the best way possible.

I love to meet intuitive women who are committed to learning more about themselves, women that want to let go of all the drama from the past, and want to focused on their present and future.

When you get to be the witness, it is honestly phenomenal to see and feel how these women transform from someone who has some self-esteem, to wonder women who are ready to conquer their life.


"Transformation. Definitely happier, closer to who I really am. Knowing this was the next step in being happier, closer to my real self and it is worth the investment in time, money opening up in a safe environment, and releasing old hurts and patterns."

— J.H.

"I liked the fact that you understood where I'm coming from. It makes a lot of difference for me. The difference between you and others is the transformation I had, it was very methodical."

— A.V.

"Jenny takes you from where you are to where you deserve to be."

— R.B.