Abundance #10: The Mind-Body Connection

Hello again beautiful soul;

I was thinking about social media and how the more we scroll down, the more we look at pictures that sell us ideas of what health looks like, what beauty looks like, haw a happy couple looks like… But it is never quite right don’t you think?

There is this very real factor missing, and that is all the experience that goes on in our heads when we feel healthy, beautiful, and in love.

That experience that I am talking about is our thoughts.

1. Everything Originates from your Thinking

Let’s play a game of imagination. Visualize a lemon in your hand. Now imagine you cut it in half and you see all that juice. You then squeeze it a bit more so that more juice comes out and you also put your nose closer so you can enjoy that smell. Now imagine that you suck on it and all that juice goes inside of every part of your mouth, even under your tongue. To finish, you swallow it.

By any chance did you drool? You were telling your mind a story and your mind believed it as a reality. We have great power in our mind right?

So when we say things like: “I feel like I am getting sick”, your mind starts to work on that so that you get sick, just like with the lemon.

2. Your Immune System listens to every word you say. So You have a choice whether to use your thoughts for healing or getting sick.

“The sorrow which has no vent in tears, may make other organs weep”. – Henry Maudsley.

Have you ever noticed that when you don’t use your voice to express yourself it can go to your stomach or make your throat sore?

Our body is very flexible, it will do what the mind tells it to do. So if you hear someone saying things like “I can’t stand my job”, the body will find an excuse for you so that you dont go to work, for example feeling ill, having a headache, and so on.

Now, pleas don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean that medicine or doctors don’t help. Or that all diseases have their origin in our subconscious mind.

Let me give you a personal example; I was diagnosed with epilepsy at age 15 and the seizures I had were more or less controled (one a year).

When I was 25 and was pregnant with my first child I had seizures every week. It took me 9 years to figure out what to say to my mind. I couldn’t belief that it could be cured, but when I sold the idea of “I simply want to stop having seizures” and visualised it as something that was in my present every day (plus taking the medication of course), I finally stopped having seizures.

And that was some years ago. Our mind is our superpower, I also met a woman who healed all her skin (she had her body covered in 3rd-degree burns) without leaving any scar, the same woman grew the top of one of her fingers that was chopped off accidentally. I personally saw that finger! It has gotten taller and now she is also growing a beautiful looking nail. If one person can do it, so can we all.

Anyways, if you want to watch a great TED talk about mindset and how it can change our life.

3. When you feel Anxious – shake

This is an easy release. When we move, dance we gift ourselves with endorphines. So if you ever feel anxious of feel like your body is starting to shake due to stress or anxiety, take it as a fun sign: It is time to dance. Shake your body, move into funy or sexy positions, imagine you are a 3 year old listening to their favorite music. Jump and move, your body is talking to you, it is saying I need to let go of something, please help me out.

It can also be fun if you are in an office. You can imagine that you are a spy and need to quickly retreat. You go to the bathroom or your car and when you get there, you shake your booty, or simply shake your body a bit more.

You cant fix your body until you fix your thoughts. It is important to feel your emotions and acknowledge them. After this it is great to act on a solutions, storing negative emotions in your body can only make you feel sick.

4. Something can really get you only if it is personal, pervasive, and permanent.

I am a mother, and without knowing I was applying the wisdom of this when my kids where babies, toddlers and now teenagers.

I told myself many times when I felt frustrated and tired for changing so many diapers: “when they are teenagers I won’t have to do this, eventually I wont have to do this anymore, it will all be fine and done”.

Why did I chose to think about teenagers instead of todlers I have no idea, but it worked. I moved forward and it didn’t afect me, and any mom knows that we change thousands of diapers.

When my kids where todlers and cried because they fell or hurt themselves or maybe made a little tantrum, I told myself that they cried more or less one time a day and that was ok. I expected them to cry once a day and also knew that that too would end.

Now my kids are; one preteen and one teenager and I accepted that for now once a day we might not like each other that much, but the rest of the day we like our company.

With your business is the same, sometimes you are doing awesome and sometimes it isn’t growing that much, but at least you know that it is always growing.

So just to finish this post I want to leave you with this; you can train your mind by simply repeating what you desire to experience now. You visualize it and allow yourself to feel it.

You can choose wellness any time because you are awesome and have a superpower; your mind.

Have fun and as always I wish you all the success you deserve.

Jennifer Trimble

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