Abundance #4: The Mind

The mind works as a transmitter. It needs to be constantly updated as to any other software.

If the mind has too many negative or limiting beliefs (virus in software) it slows down. Abundance is delayed. This is one of the many reasons why going to therapy is so important, we filter and clean the mess so we can flow in abundance like when we were in the womb and every need was taken care of.

We act consistently according to our beliefs and thinking.

If we believe that we are good enough, that we are deserving of being loved. When we trust in ourselves and believe we will succeed no matter how long it takes, things around us develop very differently than when we believe we are worthless, that nobody wants anything to do with us and would never trust in us. A person who is afraid of success because they believe it will transform them into a bad person or it might ruin their marriage because their partner will get jealous, will never reach their goals.

Neuroplasticity means that the brain can change. When we change our thinking, the brain rewires itself and our actions change too.

Nothing in the universe ever stays the same and when we chose to change the way we look at things with the support needed, amazing things can happen.

Imagine for example that someone that beliefs that; no matter what, she always messes up and her kids look at her like a looser, decides to go to therapy so that she sees and beliefs that her kids love her no matter what and that she is a good person who does the best she can. What if this person would accept and fall in love with her human imperfection?

Her behavior would dramatically change and so would the behavior of everyone around her. It is a beautiful domino effect when somebody transforms.

Life coaching and other therapies like hypnosis rewire our thinking.

Every successful entrepreneur pays attention to her mind so that it becomes a friend that supports instead of a delay and problem.

We can be happier, healthier, wealthier, and have better relationships by only taking care of our amazing minds

Thank you for reading my blogs, I love that you take the time to go through them and then share your thought, aha-moments, experiences, and more.

Abundance is in us, tune in.

To your success;

Jennifer Trimble

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