Abundance #5: The 9 Rules Of The Mind

 1. What is expected, tends to be realized

It is amazing how blind we can be sometimes…OMG, I just did it! Let me say that again in a more constructive way so that I send the right message to my mind, I can Improve: It is amazing how clearly, I can see things now.

When we speak without awareness, we keep telling our mind what we want. If I expect to have a bad experience in a party, a healing session, a relationship, a first date, guess what; it will happen. If we expect to be sick on the holidays it will happen too.

2. Imagination is more powerful than knowledge

Imagination is a gift, a tool, our power to create dreams and goals. Every time someone invented something, it started as a dream, as something that came out of our imagination. For example, who would have thought that humans would fly? Not only that, travel all around the world in groups of more than 100, even go to space and land on the moon. Someone imagined that and we made it happen.

3. Imagination is more powerful than logic

How many times have we heard about people that took a placebo and felt immediately better? Or how millions of people have healed from illnesses like cancer without a doctor’s intervention. I personally know someone who’s entire body was burned (third-degree burnt) and she focused so hard on transforming her skin that she walks the streets now with not one scar from that (and beautiful skin if I may add). The same woman (she has an intense life), chopped one of her fingers and lost the part where the nail was. The doctors wanted to sew the piece that fell together knowing that she wouldn’t be able to feel anything, she rejected that and said that she was going to GROW her finger. I know her and I have personally seen that finger grow and now she has her nail back!!!

Cases like that sound extreme but we all do similar things all the time with superstitions, and even with how we attract things with our vision boards.

4. Your mind always does what it thinks you want it to do

It is common to hear people say things like this:

“No matter what I do I never lose weight”, our mind wants to please us so it will do whatever it takes to do what we say is true. “My teenager daughter/ son is driving me crazy, I can’t stand her/ him”. This only builds the predisposition for more discussions. I understand the feeling, my kids are in that age too, yet the word crazy or the expression; they just make me want to be dead has actually made people dead.  Have you heard statements like “I always get sick if I walk in the rain”? All of that is self-hypnosis. 

We have the opportunity to be aware of this and change it to our advantage.

5.   Your mind works to move you from pain to pleasure

A lot of people avoid success because of beliefs they were told since they were kids like: “Rich people don’t have real friends, the people that surround them are only interested in their money”, “Wealthy people are stuck up pricks”. The moment people that grew up with similar beliefs acquire wealth, they make bad decisions to lose their money because being successful is “painful” and being poor is “pure” and good. Their family will accept them again. The same with appearances, “pretty people or people that take care of their image is superficial and stupid”, “vanity is a sin”.

The fear of rejection is very old and it has to do with the fear of dying. A thousand years ago when a tribe rejected somebody that person was going to be doomed and would not be able to survive without the other cave people.

Listen to this: “If I create an online business and make videos, people will think that I sold myself out”. A belief like that will always hurt and a belief like: “Creating my online business will inspire many to do the same and transform their lives and the lives of their loved ones for the better”. Which one do you think is more constructive?

So, it is normal to fear rejection, but now we have to understand that if we are different if we stand out it is because we are outstanding and we deserve to succeed. Take care of your beliefs and transform them. Life coaching and other therapies can help you change your perspective.

6. Your mind responds to the pictures in your head and the words you say to yourself

This is why vision boards are so important, surround yourself with amazing things that make you feel good, and support your unconscious mind for growth. Avoid scary movies, dramas, the news that keep showing horrible stuff over and over again just to sell and traumatize your mind.

7. Your mind learns by repetition

You have this knowledge now, read it again, do something about it so you can remember it and apply it. The more you say to yourself positive things that are focused on your highest and best, the more you thrive in the conversations you have with yourself, the better you will be. Allow yourself to benefit from life coaching and therapies like that, that will find limiting beliefs and help you let go of them.

8. Your mind loves what is familiar

When you are used to negative talk, your mind feels safe there and when you start changing it at the beginning it will question it because it is different, out of its comfort zone.

The more you say those positive things, the mind will find them more familiar and will upgrade easily. It will feel safe and comfortable surrounded by all the new beliefs.

9. We make our beliefs and our beliefs make us

Pretty straight forward, what we believe about ourselves and our circumstances, that is what will be of our lives.

 “Whatever belief I am practicing, the law of attraction will validate with evidence”

– Esther Hicks

Thank you for reading my blogs, I love that you take the time to go through them and then share your thoughts, insights, aha-moments, experiences, and more.

Abundance is in us, tune in.

To your success;

Jennifer Trimble

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