Abundance #6: Our Protectors

Ironically, limiting beliefs are there to protect us.

Our parents loved us and in their imperfect nature, they shared with us what they thought were truths. We in our imperfection also generated some depending on our experiences as kids.

1. We are wired for negativity but we are not supposed to worry all the time.

Worrying when there could be a risk of something is actually healthy, worrying on a Friday night while you are watching a movie with your kids isn’t healthy. It is toxic for your mind, body, and your family. That one of the reasons why getting help with a life coach, psychologist, a hypnotherapist is so important.

2. Our limiting beliefs have a purpose -we form limiting beliefs to cushion us against failure.

This is something ancient, a thousand years ago we had to do things a certain way, doing them differently could risk peoples rife. There was one way; the way of the tribe.

3. The only way we fail in life is by failing to try.

Time allows evolution to happen, people where still people, and our brains are amazing. The fire was discovered so the way people ate and socialized immediately changed, the use of metal also transformed life. Weapons were deadlier and they felt safer so they could dare to explore more.

Now we have boats, cars, plains, submarines, war tanks (not my favorite), artificial intelligence, space ships, mobiles and so, so much.

Honestly, we live in a life where very few things seem impossible at the moment.

The only reason we have all of these is that the creators never stop trying until they worked.

We have all failed in so many things, just go to the basics: changing diapers, when our kids where 1 year old we were professionals at it but when we first began, we were slowly and all sorts of accidents happened. If you had a son who mysteriously transformed into a fountain you know exactly what I mean.

Teaching them how to go to the loo, being patient when they were learning how to read. How many times did we get angry and screamed at them and then we regretted it? Trial and error, what works and what doesn’t.

What we cannot do is renounce our kids, surrender, and do nothing. That is horrible to imagine and that is the only true failure. The same happens when you create your online business, if you give up, that is when you fail. When you persist, you succeed.

4. The root of all fears is the fear of rejection. Yet, we cannot be rejected, unless we let people reject us by agreeing with them.

A 1000 years ago if the clan/ tribe rejected us we were doomed; starvation or imminent danger was what would probably happen. That is why the biggest limiting belief there is, is the fear of rejection. It is unconsciously the fear of dying.

If there is something that helped me enormously with my business and with my kids was to understand that rejection doesn’t exist. When someone says no, it is just a delay for the next person or the next time that they will say yes. Never EVER give up. Like Dory the fish said; “just keep swimming”.

We have to keep going, move forward, do the work, and enjoy who we are becoming. Those who give up are the ones who dream without taking action.

“Success comes with a price that’s normally bigger than most people want to pay”

– Lisa Nichols

Thank you for reading my blogs. It is honestly very humbling to see how you take the time and also share your thoughts, insights, personal experiences, and more. I love having conversations with you and grow together.

To your success;

Jennifer Trimble

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