Abundance #8: Accept & Truly Love Yourself

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I hope you are doing great.

So today we are talking about acceptance and love, amazing topics don’t you think?

I mean honestly just imagine you are looking at your kid and swimming inside of those pure eyes full of innocence and excitement of joy. A loving child that can laugh and be happy just because he/ she is happy.

Don’t you love her/ him? No matter their imperfection, you can melt out of love, right?

Now imagine looking at the mirror and diving into your beautiful eyes and feel also so much love, acceptance, admiration for all you have achieved so far. Imagine feeling so much love that you start giving yourself a self hug because you felt like it. Then there is a feeling of happiness and excitement to continuing living your life.

Would you like to feel like that or similar? Do you already feel like that or similar?

1. Part of loving yourself is self-acceptance.

Accept good and not so good things about yourself and then change what you can. We are all imperfect and that makes us fantastic people. We learn from our mistakes, learn to be humble, learn from others, ask for advice, others ask us for advice or help. Thanks to our infinite mistakes we can support each other, grow, and connect.

Have you ever met someone that appears to be perfect? Can you say that it is easy to bond with them? Nop, sometimes it can even feel uncomfortable right? Sort of fake. Let’s be real people.

I give you 2 examples;

  • I am a mother and there have been times where I have screamed at my kids and felt super bad because of that. Then after we cooled down, I was able to go to them and apologize, explain, and listen better so we could resolve things in a more positive way. Or when I cook something that doesn’t taste as good as I hoped, hahaha.
  • When I shoot videos I tend to have so many mistakes with what I say because English is not my first language, yet I redo the videos again and again and if they are live videos, I accept that my accent and mistakes are part of the spice that I bring to you. Maybe it can be fun for you, who knows. What do you think?

2. Abundant Mindset starts with saying “I am Enough”.

In regards to this, writing or looking for a cool image on google that says I am enough and printing it a couple of times; then sticking it all around your house is a great thing to do. Our conscious mind stops seeing it, but our conscious mind pays attention all the time and by repetition starts to know, feel, and understand that you are enough. You have always been enough since birth. Going back to the mirror, saying “I am enough, I love you, you are lovable” is also very powerful.

3. When you realize you are enough, you become more ambitious.

This is a very cool fact don’t you think? I mean honestly, if you accept and love yourself, you know that because you are good enough you can achieve whatever you want. You accept that there will be some failures at the beginning as expected when you do something new, but you keep going.

That truly inspires me it is like the ultimate superpower, believing in yourself because you totally love yourself. When starting new projects, like creating your online business this happens of course. I remember shooting videos and then accidentally deleting them or learning how to make a website for the first time in my life. I can smile and laugh also, I made sooo many mistakes, but now here I am.

Thanks to the support and infrastructure of this amazing academy called SFM  I learned how to create my online business and connect with you, sharing things that I am passionate about that hopefully inspire you so that we can grow together.

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Thank you for reading my blogs and sharing your thoughts, insights, and experiences, I love to communicate with you.

To your success;

Jennifer Trimble

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