Abundance #9: Becoming Guilt-Free

Hello beautiful soul;

I hope you are doing great today.

I was thinking about abundance and how the purest mind is the mind of a baby. Babys have an abundant mindset. They expect to be fed, nurtured, celebrated, they never question their worth, they take for granted that they are enough.

I mean honestly, would you imagine a baby feeling guilty for throwing up on someone’s shoulder? Or for keeping parents up all night? It is not like they are doing it on purpose because they want to upset them, it is simply part of their growth and development.

You wouldn’t judge a baby right?

People Who Have Everything Don’t Have Guilt

Why do you think that? You see, people that have an abundant mindset welcome their mistakes, they accept that they are lessons.

The more mistakes they make, the more they are growing and doing things. When we get up and keep moving forward we are taking action and our experiences can inspire and help others. We can profit from our past circumstances and learnings.

The Only Way You Learn Is By Making Mistakes

Just like when we fell from our bikes a couple of times before we finally learned how to flow, and effortlessly ride them.

Think also about Edison and Ford, I mean those guys failed enormously until their experiments actually worked, and thanks to their consistency, drive, and abundant mindset we enjoy lightbulbs and cars.

As you know this was me mentioning only 2 people from all the thousands of creators and inventors. I believe we all are creators and we have all experimented a million times with different things to see what works.

If you are a mom I am sure you have a couple of examples. What works with one kid doesn’t necessarily work with the other, different foods, games, ways of thinking… Right?

If You Have Done Something Wrong, But You Will Not Do It Again, Then You Are Forgiven

Destructive behaviors tend to be run by guilt; have you ever thought something like

– I don’t deserve it

– I shouldn’t have this

I am sure you are an amazing person, otherwise, why would you be interested in reading this post? You probably are someone who is interested in personal growth and becoming the best version of yourself. 

So please, please, please remember this: Your mistakes are not who you are, it’s just something you did, let it go.

Forgive Yourself For Every Mistake You’ve Ever Made And You’ll Become Free Of The Need To Sabotage Yourself

Sometimes we punish ourselves because we did a mistake in the past…

But you see beautiful soul, if you don’t forgive yourself, your mind becomes the judge, jury, and jailor.

You are a good and outstanding person with gifts to share, there is a very unique reason why we are blessed for you being here; own it and shine.

And if you are a beautiful mom who is growing in her career wonderfully, but feels guilty for finding original ways to take care of her kids, watch this TED talk.

You are the best mom your kids could have.

As always; I send you a big hug.

To your success;

Jennifer Trimble

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