What if you no longer felt like you are not good enough? What if you had abundant self-esteem and felt free to be who you truly are?


Regardless of your current situation or past experiences, loving yourself is attainable. Better yet, it can happen faster than you think. Love is a 3 step journey, and those steps can be learned.


This challenge is the fastest way to feel, see, and understand your worth and how much you deserve to love yourself, plus it's fun. It's where you learn how to stop the negative self-talk and start embracing your authenticity to live on purpose and be fulfilled.


Think about this: Just 1.5 hours per day for 5 days can set the wheels of transformation in motion. Your healing journey deserves this commitment.


Join me in the upcoming "How to Love Yourself" Challenge, where I'll guide you through unlocking your self-love potential and embracing the transformation you've been yearning for. 

Find True Purpose, True Fulfilment
Discover What Truly Motivates You

Remove Resistance To Being Yourself

Become The Best Version Of Yourself

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is This Event For?

Want to take charge of your life?

We live in changing times. But if you want to

  • Empower yourself
  • Control your life and
  • Own your future....

... this event is for you.


Would you like to actualize your full potential?

If you've ever had the feeling you are capable of being, doing or having more in life. This event will help you unlock your possibilities, unlock your potential and unlock your authentic self.


Do you have an area of life you want to change?

Whether it's health, wealth, relationships, business, happiness or any area of your life... success is an inside job. It starts with your self-worth and self-love. If you're ready for change, then this event is for you.


Here's What You Get At This Powerful Online Course...


Reignite Your Passion

Become inspired, motivated and energised to create the authentic live you deserve.


Turn Self-Doubt Into Self-Confidence

Learn how to silence your inner critic and self-saboteur and replace it with self-belief and self-love.


How To Release Your Limitations

Remove any trapped emotions, values conflict or limiting beliefs that rob you of loving yourself and being aligned with your purpose.


The Science Of Transforming Your Life

Learn how to make changes in your life that stick using science and love.

Design Your Dream Life


Which area of your life do you want to change the most? It could be:

  • ONE important area of your life
  • ALL areas of your life
  • Or maybe you just want MORE balance and harmony

It all starts with your self-love. That's because success is an inside job.

Your thoughts become things. When you expand your self-love and internal self-talk, you will naturally expand the results in your external world like night follows day.

Meet Your Trainer


Jennifer Trimble is a Healer, International Certified Results Coach and Founder of Jennifer Trimble Coaching.

Having studied and worked in coaching and personal transformation for over 15 years, Jennifer specializes in helping people go from feeling like they aren't good enough to feeling, knowing, and seeing they are good enough.

Jennifer has helped people from all walks of life, from parents, healers, coaches and small business owners, to discover their self-worth so they can be grateful for being exactly who they are and, therefore, love themselves. 

With her unique ability to identify the root cause of people's problems and re-aligning their heads, hearts and hands to achieve tangible results, Jennifer is an in-demand coach.

Jennifer is passionate about helping people empower themselves to create the life they deserve.

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